Fane of Air and Darkness (Episode Two) Under Construction #amwriting #books

I’m working hard on Fane of Air and Darkness, and the first draft is roughly one-third complete. Fane will be a full-length novel, starring our charming gents Fraser and Spencer, with a bit of murder and a hint of magic to spice things up.

The Bully Trap is now in wide release. The eBook version is available at your favourite online retailer (Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and others.) It’s in the retailers’ international stores, so if the above USA links don’t work for you, just search! Paper copies are available for purchase at,, and, and the Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, and Amazon Europe sites.

I want every reader who buys a copy of The Bully Trap to have a free review copy of Episode Two, Fane of Air and Darkness. If you joined my list from the link in the back of The Bully Trap, you’re covered! Your email is already in the list of readers who will receive their coupons when Fane is released. Otherwise, just email a copy of your Bully Trap receipt to
SF at SFLakin dot com
and I’ll add you to the review copy list.

I want every reader who buys a paper copy of Bully Trap to have a free ebook copy of Bully Trap as well! If you bought a paper copy and aren’t covered under Amazon’s Matchbook program, again just email your receipt to
SF at SFLakin dot com
and I’ll send you a link for your ebook.

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