Fire Assurance

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Fire Assurance
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In Victorian London, a detective hides his ability to shapeshift. But in attempting to expand his business, he takes an insurance case which forces him to use his ability. He must decide whether to risk letting his colleagues learn his secret, in order to stop a greedy landlord before a crowded tenement is set aflame.

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Shadowed Doorways
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I am proud that the editors chose “Fire Assurance” for the short story anthology Shadowed Doorways: Fifth Annual NaNo Los Angeles Anthology, edited by Elisabeth Ashlin, et al. From the anthology description:

“A shape-shifting detective hunts a homicidal arsonist. A jungle exploration goes horribly wrong. A child’s discovery has life-changing consequences. A deadly plague spreads across the countryside.

“These stories and twenty-two more comprise our fifth edition of the Los Angeles NaNo Anthology. NaNoWriMo participants across the globe submitted short stories involving elements of darkness and concealment. This year’s diverse collection includes the most powerful and fascinating entries we received.

“So open that door and take a step into the shadows beyond. Who knows what might be waiting for you inside?”

All proceeds from the sale of this anthology benefit NaNo Los Angeles and National Novel Writing Month and their literary education projects. Shadowed Doorways is available as a paperback at: USUKDEFRESITCA

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