“Fane of Air and Darkness” Update #amwriting #books

Let’s get the bad news over with first:

I now expect to release Fane of Air and Darkness in late August or early September. I know, I know—I promised June 2017.

I have excuses, of course: life happens. But the truth is that what I might have released this month was not the novel you deserve.

You deserve 1) a page-turning mystery, 2) a fascinating character study, and 3) a full-up fantasy world. Had I tried to release this month, you could only have gotten #2 and part of #3.

Now for the good news: I know the writing is going well when I want to read my own stuff over. I know it’s going well when I’m sure I’ve gotten everything in that needs to go in, and I’m meeting my word count marks. I’m sure it’s going well when I want to shove it in front of my fellow writers and say, “See? Isn’t this GREAT?”

The writing’s going really well.

In the next month or so I hope to send my newsletter subscribers some “cutting room floor” scenes—fun stuff, but not relevant to the story I’m telling. The hard part will be picking things that are interesting but not dripping with spoilers. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s a sketch I did when the writing wasn’t going so well and I needed a creative break: a portrait of Jacob Tenebry Spencer:

Thanks for stopping by,

SF Lakin